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We Started in the year 2016 Soul Garden Bistro the young and vibrant restaurant continues to surprise its customers with its unique and innovative food concepts. It's been so popular in Alwarpet that now it has opened its 2nd outlet in Kilpauk. It ensures a serene and enriching dining experience for our guests.

Soul garden bistro is a full fledged vegetarian multi cuisine restaurant serving a wide range of Pizzas, Pastas, Maggie's, Burgers, Sandwiches, Sizzlers, Parathas, Mexican, Asian and Continental dishes. Our Ice creams from its sister brand 196 Degrees Below Dessert Lab renders a sizzling experience serving instant ice creams prepared using liquid nitrogen in the presence of the guest and sends down a smooth and silky texture in the mouth and touches one's heart. It gives you over 50 different flavours to choose from and we don't add any additives or preservatives.

It also serves 2 unique and extraordinary quick bites which anyone can munch on. One is the Devil's Fury Popcorn and the other is Smokey Cheetos . As the name suggests, it's prepared by freezing the Popcorn or Cheetos with liquid nitrogen offering a fun-filled chilling experience for the guests.

A distinct and supercool feature of the dessert lab is its glassware which resembles the equipments of a chemistry lab. Therefore, your ice cream is served in a beaker, the mojitos and lemonade in flasks and freak shakes in skull-shaped glasses.

Malaysia's signature pastry Mexican Coffee Buns filled with butter and a thin coffee crust. ANTARI also serves bio dynamically grown coffees sourced from Self sustaining farms. They use organic milk and Sulphur less sugar for their coffees.

Soul garden bistro has many concepts introduced in their menu like The KETO menu for guests who prefer to have low carbs, vegan and Jain options, Activated Charcoal in buns and ice creams, gluten free, whole wheat breads, and Pastries.

Here's the good news for pet lovers who can dine in with their pets at Soul Garden Bistro introducing an interesting menu for pets which include scoobystew, pumpkin puddle and puppy pulao.

The man behind this innovative drive is JigneshPujara, as a lover of food he chose to follow his passion and set out to Australia to start a Café but couldn't go ahead with his plans due to economic recession. Thus, Soul Garden Bistro is a dream come true for Jignesh who has an excellent support from his senior Chefs and young minds exploring new food concepts in their everyday life at the restaurant.


A coffee bun, aka Mexican bun, is actually a misnomer. Nobody knows where its name originated from, most especially people from Mexico. The closest guess is that an Asian tourist one day traveled to Mexico, sampled one of their local sweet buns (conchas), loved the taste, and tried to recreate it at home. The result was the happy accident that fusion food often is.

The Mexican Bun is famous all over Southeast Asia because of a Malaysian bakeshop which began to sell these buns. Whatever you call it: A coffee bun, Mexican bun, and now, as ANTARI, these buns are both delicious and addictive.

The original coffee bun at ANTARI is a soft pillow of a bun with a crisp topping that faintly tastes of coffee; the inside consists of an intriguing combination of butter and sea salt. ANTARI carries a few different flavors such as cinnamon and we promise more to come. All of them come out of their ovens piping hot, and although there is always the possibility of warming them up at home, it’s quite a feat to be able to carry one home without giving into the temptation to devour it.

We can be added with extra delicious toppings and can be paired with the beverages of your choice.

Besides buns, you will also find some very decent coffee made from INDIAN origin organic beans which are sourced from bio-dynamically grown self sustaining coffee estates using organic milk and organic sulphur less sugar.

We also have certified organic teas from jalinga tea estate, assam. Jalinga is the 1st & only carbon neutral certified tea estate in the world.

The ANTARI BUN (RS.119/-) which has an Asian pedigree, has a subtle espresso-flavored crusty exterior and a pillowy, buttery interior.

All fresh made, zero preservatives & pure vegetarian.